Increased efficiency through lean production

Seven types of waste that must be avoided in lean production

Companies that want to make processes more efficient using Industrie 4.0 technologies and concepts should first take a look at the proven design principles of lean production: Many production facilities still have great potential for increasing resource efficiency as well as using raw materials and operating resources more sparingly. In many cases, these significant efficiency gains can be exploited with little effort and at low cost.

Fraunhofer IPT accompanies companies on the way to lean production, from the analysis of production and processes, through the identification of optimization potential, to the design of concepts that help to profitably exploit this discovered potential. In doing so, the focus is on both individual production lines and entire plants. Optimizations in the production layout and production process can be designed and even simulated in three dimensions. A detailed project roadmap is used to systematically implement the concept. 

Our range of services

  • Analysis of production and processes with regard to potentials for efficiency increase
  • Creation of concepts to use these potentials (e.g. to avoid waste, to standardize processes, to establish the flow principle and to adapt the production layout)
  • 3D design and simulation of a lean production
  • Drafting of a project roadmap for the systematic implementation of the developed concept

Processing of high-tech materials

"IDEAL" aims to optimize the manufacturing process for cast TiAl low-pressure turbine blades.

Implementation of an I4.0 environment

In the research project "NEXT" economic efficiency of process digitization and cross-linking of TiAl investment casting is demonstrated.