Readiness checks: Are you ready for new technologies?

Before moving on, there is doubt: Is your company really ready to move into a new technology? Have you considered all the organizational hurdles that might be involved? Does innovation even fit with your corporate strategy? And what costs might you have overlooked?

With our detailed readiness checks, you gain certainty: together we examine where your company currently stands, whether the technological and structural prerequisites within the company and outside in the supply chain and competition are right, and where you should readjust so that everything can fit together seamlessly.

Using the methodology of technology-related audits and detailed and holistic company assessments, we take a systematic and sustainable look at your processes and process chains. Based on our many years of experience with manufacturing companies, we can provide very precise quantitative and qualitative information about your company needs for implementing new technologies. When all the points have been set, we signal the green light: Ready for new technology!

Tested for the future – doing the right thing with certainty

Digitization and 5G mobile communications in production, the suitability of your products for the switch to lightweight materials, or the implementation of new additive manufacturing processes in your process chains – we have already put together standardized packages for these topics, which you can use to systematically determine whether your company is ready for the step into the future.


Readiness checks for digitization

Digitization is not an end in itself: If you want to know whether and in what form digital technologies should find a place in your production, you've come to the right place!


Quick check for lightweight construction

What would it be like if your products could be mass-produced in a (resource-)efficient way using lightweight construction? We check whether and how it can work.


Additive manufacturing on the test bench

We investigate whether it is worth replacing established processes with additive manufacturing methods directly on your premises and using scientifically proven key figures.