How the best companies ensure their competitiveness

Economic success, resource and energy independence and the compliance with sustainability requirements and thus, ensured competitiveness: We support you in effectively and efficiently managing the sustainable transformation of your value creation and product portfolio.

New funding opportunities through programs like the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and changing regulations over the whole world point towards the high relevance of a sustainable transformation in manufacturing. However, few companies know how to address their sustainability transformation effectively and efficiently. They lack transparency on their current sustainability status, regulatory obligations, and comparison with their peer group. Consequently, companies lack the right levers and suitable measures for sustainability transformation in production. In the end, the economic potential of sustainable production is also insufficiently exploited.

Join the consortium and find the answers to your own questions on sustainability!

As a participant of our consortium benchmarking "Measuring Sustainability", you will explore best practices for assessing your current sustainability status. Compare with the "top performers: What do they do differently? And what can manufacturing companies learn from them across industries? Let's work together to find answers to the following questions:

  • What mandatory requirements, standards and norms regarding sustainability exist and for which company sizes and industries are they relevant?
  • How do companies measure their current sustainability status?
  • Which best practices do the "top performers" apply to manage and improve sustainability in their company?

Our methodical approach

Together with you, we design the assessment of your sustainability status entirely according to your interests: As part of the consortium, you yourself set the accents of the empirical questionnaire study. After the statistical evaluation, we work with you to determine your individual position in comparison to the benchmark. In a trusting bilateral exchange, you learn directly from the approaches of the "top performers" during company visits. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to share challenges and ideas with other consortium partners and to apply what you have learned to your company.

Feel invited to identify the success factors of the "top performers", to learn from them and to find answers to your company-specific challenges on the journey of sustainability transformation!