Toolmaking database

Our database of toolmaking companies is unique worldwide. Data from more than 1000 toolmaking companies not older than five years are stored here. On this basis, the "Toolmaking" Business Unit can carry out benchmarkings and competitive analyses and access comparative data from many years of industrial experience. The toolmaking database represents a wide range of tool types and manufacturing strategies thanks to its large number of data records. Due to the internationality of the data sets, regional developments can also be evaluated and compared. In addition to benchmarking projects, the technological depth of the key figures allows statements to be made on the production and machine performance of companies. The comparison of the companies is always anonymous and tailored to the respective company (e.g. "German injection mold manufacturers with approx. 50 employees").


Technological benchmarking

Our toolmaking database with worldwide data records enables us to carry out comprehensive technological benchmarking of toolmaking companies. The established procedure specifically involves the companies in the analysis process: First, organizational and technological data is collected and supplemented during on-site visits. For example, data on the product range as well as on equipment and performance in design, work preparation and production are queried and evaluated. This data is then used to calculate so-called Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These can then be used to compare your company with reference data from the database. The analysis refers to all steps along the generic process chain of toolmaking in the organizational and technological areas. By forming comparison groups, it is possible to make comparisons in the specific industry environment. All companies receive our detailed analysis of the specific strengths and optimization potential.