Online seminar  /  October 24, 2022, 2–3:15 p.m. CET

High-speed microscopy for quality control in laboratory and industry

With High-Speed-Microscopy, large-area objects can be acquired in a very short time on a microscopic scale. In industries such as semiconductors, electronics and biology, the demand for microscopic inspection methods is particularly high, as the increasing inspection of large surfaces requires an ever faster acquisition process. Although the process is already around 30 times faster than comparable stop-and-go methods, the Fraunhofer IPT is working on accelerating the recording process even further. To this end, in addition to constantly improving the software, new components are regularly integrated, such as flash illumination, sensor technology for the hardware autofocus system and camera technology.

About the seminar

The online seminar provides initial insights into the structure and application fields of high-speed microscopy in the laboratory and industry. The challenges of high-throughput imaging are also presented, as well as possible software implementations.

Finally, all participants will have the opportunity to ask individual questions. In addition, upon completion of the online session, you will receive the presentation slides used or an equivalent content document as a script.

The online seminar is conducted on Microsoft Teams.

Suitable for:

Microdevice manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers in the field of laboratory automation and biological research facilities.

Key Facts

  • Date: Monday, October 24, 2022, 2:00-3:15 p.m.
  • Participation fee: free of charge
  • Number of participants: at least 5
  • Implementation: Microsoft Teams