Dr.-Ing. Sascha Gierlings

Dr.-Ing. Sascha Gierlings, born 1981, has studied mechanical engineering with focus in production technology at RWTH Aachen University.

From 2008 to 2015 he worked as a research associate at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) in the department for process monitoring and non-conventional machining technologies. His focus of work was in the field of product-oriented process monitoring for safety-critical aero engine components. He graduated as a Dr.-Ing. in 2015 with his dissertation "Model-Based Monitoring for Broaching Safety-Critical Aero Engine Components".

In August 2015 he started working for the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT as a project manager in the business unit turbomachinery. Since March 2017 he the leads the department for prototype manufacture and is further responsible for the business development turbomachinery.


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
20195G Networked Aerospace Production
Becker, Paul; König, Niels; Gierlings, Sascha; Venek, Tommy; Bergs, Thomas; Schmitt, Robert
Journal Article
2018Approach for zero defect manufacturing: Geometric calibration of five-axis machine tools for blisk manufacturing process
Lee, T.H.; Behrens, J.; Gierlings, S.; Brecher, C.
Conference Paper
2017Digitale Schatten machen Fliegen sicherer
Gierlings, Sascha
Journal Article
2015Model-based temperature monitoring for broaching safety-critical aero engine components
Gierlings, Sascha; Klocke, F.; Lucca, D.A.
2014Sensoren für die digitale Produktion
Klocke, Fritz; Joseph, Y.; Trächtler, Ansgar; Adams, O.; Backmeyer, M.; Blattner, M.; Brockmann, M.; Eisenblätter, G.; Gierlings, S.; Henke, C.; Jamal, R.; Kamps, S.; Keitzel, G.; Schulz, Katharina; Veselovac, D.; Wirtz, G.
Conference Paper
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