Dr.-Ing. Sascha Gierlings

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Dr.-Ing. Sascha Gierlings, born 1981, studied mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen University, specializing in production technology. He received his diploma in engineering after one year of project work in Shanghai/China between 2006 and 2007.

From 2008 to 2015 he worked as a research assistant at the Chair of “Manufacturing Technology” at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) at RWTH Aachen University. In the Department for Process and Product Monitoring, he focused on monitoring solutions for the production of safety-critical components for aircraft engines. In 2015 he published his dissertation entitled “Model-based Temperature Monitoring for Broaching Safety-Critical Aero Engine Components”.

Since August 2015, he has been working for the Fraunhofer-Institute for Production Technology IPT, where he initially set up a new department for Prototype Manufacture. Since 2019, he is Head of the Department for Technology-Transfer in Turbomachinery Manufacturing and is responsible for activities in the entire Business Unit for Turbomachinery Manufacturing at the WZL and at the Fraunhofer IPT.

In addition to developing advanced turbomachinery manufacturing, Sascha Gierlings and his team are heavily involved in digitization as an enabler for next generation aero engine components. A further field of work concentrates on the interdisciplinary exchange with the disciplines of component design, aero dynamics and structure mechanics with the aim of enabling future components that offer an optimum allover performance in terms of production as well as operation.

Publications at Fraunhofer IPT

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Publications at Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University

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Full Text

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Full Text

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