Certification and Auditing

Certification and auditing as part of the continuous improvement process

Overview of different quality norms

The competitiveness of manufacturing companies benefits greatly from error-free and efficient production processes. In this context, it is essential to guarantee the fulfilment of requirements and guidelines at the beginning and to control them regularly afterwards. For this purpose, companies have various methods, instruments and technologies at their disposal. The difficulty lies in identifying the appropriate measures for one's own company and applying them regularly and thoroughly. Fraunhofer IPT has extensive practical experience and uses sound methods to guide companies competently and successfully along the path to auditing and certification.

Together with the respective company, Fraunhofer IPT first analyzes the status quo, develops a suitable concept on this basis that takes all relevant requirements into account, and, if necessary, accompanies the entire certification process. In particular, Fraunhofer IPT supports companies with its extensive experience in implementing quality management systems - both universally in accordance with ISO 9001 and sector-specific, for example for the automotive industry in accordance with IATF 16949 or for the aviation industry in accordance with EN 9100. Fraunhofer IPT also focuses on the evaluation of environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14001 and their integration into existing structures.

Our range of services

  • Support for the development and implementation of quality management systems
  • Implementation of a continuous improvement process
  • Support during the implementation of certification processes and audits

Cyber-physical production

"EPIC" links European competences in order to strengthen cyber-physical production in the EU by networking partners and using highly developed technologies.

Processing of high-tech materials

"IDEAL" aims to optimize the manufacturing process for cast TiAl low-pressure turbine blades.