Interfaces and Connectivity

Communication between actors and systems in production

Aspects of actuator-system communication in production

Extracting the right data from the value stream and making it available in almost real time is particularly advantageous for quality-critical monitoring and control processes. For this purpose, it is necessary to case-dependently analyze which requirements a communication system for production must meet, for example, in terms of latency, reliability or data throughput. In addition, the question must be answered whether the data can be acquired and transmitted using wired sensors or whether wireless technologies such as the future telecommunications standard 5G should be used.

The Fraunhofer IPT supports companies in identifying their requirements for communication between actors and systems in production. Data, that is relevant for the monitoring and improvement of processes, is analyzed with regard to the transmission requirements. In addition, the Fraunhofer IPT determines which value-added potential can be exploited using reliable communication technologies in production.

Our range of services 

  • Analysis of the production processes with regard to their requirements on the communication system (e.g. latency, data throughput)
  • Potential analysis of the use of communication systems in production

Orchestration of edge cloud systems

In the research project "AI-NET", we are developing solutions for the cross-site orchestration of edge cloud systems in manufacturing companies.