Next generation technologies for Industry 4.0

Identifying custom-fit technologies for your company

Systematic collection and analysis of relevant information precedes all strategic planning. This applies particularly to the introduction of appropriate technologies for manufacturing or networking, for example. However the ability to spot and trace the right information at the right time usually requires a trained eye and considerable practical knowledge. Networked, community-based approaches can be extremely useful in such cases by involving network partners and experts outside the organization in the search for the appropriate technology and the best way to manage it.  

Targeted scanning, scouting and monitoring open up new approaches, which can protect companies from nasty surprises arising as a result of rival technologies or market players. Risks in relation to competing technologies or opportunities arising from increasing technological maturity, attractive prices or lower costs, can be detected swiftly and reliably. A systematic approach to the identification of custom-fit technologies within the scope of Industry 4.0 has been applied by the Fraunhofer IPT in the fields of transport and medical engineering among others. This enables specific economic potentials of digital manufacturing for companies in this sector to be derived.

Within the framework of the “Industry 4.0 audit” the Fraunhofer IPT evaluates the status quo of its production and of the associated value-added structures in terms of Industry 4.0 principles such as digitization, networking or flexibility. Systematic waste and the reasons for it in the production process are identified in the course of this evaluation. Concepts for solutions which have previously been found to be effective such as adaptive control systems for optimum networking in conjunction with efficient production are derived with the help of the systematic approach to identifying suitable technologies in the course of the audit.