In-depth technological understanding for high-performance production

One of our primary aims is to save time, resources and costs by enhancing technical limits of production processes. For this purpose, we develop production systems and process chains which will increase the efficiency of your productions.

Automation in complex production environments

The concept of interconnecting and monitoring process chains in control units and control stations is already well established in some sectors of industry and in some applications, particularly in continuous process engineering. Continuous data acquisition for flexible and adaptive control of discreet and highly automated process sequences – even in complex production environments, is part of Industry 4.0. The cultivation of living cells is an example of process sequences in complex environments.

Technologies operating in threshold ranges

Adaptive control concepts for production facilities can be implemented, given systematic networking of process simulation, in closed and open loop control and quality monitoring systems. Ideally, control systems of this nature harness existing process knowledge, thereby permitting highly fl exible manufacture. Optimum machine parameters, on which the control systems can draw, can be determined via integrated process simulations. This eliminates the need for costly iterations on the physical part until the optimum process parameters are identified.

Optimizing products and processes via Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

Automated systems for the collection and analysis of machine, tool and quality data contribute to the enhancement of product and process quality. Frequent reference is made to the “Single Source of Truth” in the context of Industry 4.0. All relevant production data are fi led once, in structured form – completely free of any redundancy. Only when this has been achieved, is it possible to conduct detailed and purposeful data analyses.