Selection of software solutions

The use of suitable software solutions lies at the heart of (partially) automatized management of technical knowledge. Choosing the right software can be tricky as a range of factors must be taken into account: Which interfaces to existing solutions will be required? Which functions does available software offer and can these be expanded? Which processes are used to automatize knowledge management? What is the business model of the software provider like? How intuitively can users operate the user interface?

Selection and introduction of suitable software solutions

For this reason, selecting suitable software requires extensive expertise including understanding of the processes, contents and IT.

The Fraunhofer IPT supports you in selecting and introducing suitable software. In addition to basic knowledge management solutions covering aspects such as enterprise search, expert identification, networking, content management, integration of different data sources and automatic enhancement with meta data, the Fraunhofer IPT provides targeted solutions for technology intelligence for you. We also evaluate, assess and research IT technology such as machine learning, natural language processing and web crawling and support technical due diligence for software providers with regard to their development processes and software quality.

Our services

  • Selection and introduction of suitable software solutions
  • Solutions for knowledge management and for technology intelligence
  • Evaluation, assessment and research of individual IT technologies