Jelena Ochs M.Sc.

Jelena Ochs was awarded her degree in bio-engineering, majoring in »Bioprocess Engineering from the University of Stuttgart.

In January 2016, she took up a position as a research associate in the IPT Production Technology group. After only one month, she was appointed Manager of the »Life Sciences Engineering« business unit.

In 2017 Jelena Ochs was awarded a scholarship which is ongoing under the Fraunhofer Funding Program »TALENTA Speed-Up«.


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2019Adopting automation for the manufacture of cell products - considerations and best practices: Blog-Beitrag auf, July 29, 2019
Ochs, Jelena
Online Ressource
2019Automation in cell and gene therapy manufacturing: From past to future
Moutsantsou, Panagiota; Ochs, Jelena; Schmitt, Robert; Hewitt, Christopher; Hanga, Maria Petronela
Journal Article
2019Produktionstrategien für die Medizintechnik von morgen. Trendreport
Ochs, Jelena; Berger, Marvin; Harnisch, Emely; Helden, Jonathan von; Jung, Sven; Kostyszyn, Kevin; Krauss, Jonathan; König, Niels; Skazik-Voogt, Claudia
2018Highly modular and generic control software for adaptive cell processing on automated production platforms
Jung, Sven; Ochs, Jelena; Kulik, Michael; König, Niels; Schmitt, Robert H.
Journal Article
2018Das Stammzelllabor der Zukunft. Forschen in einer automatisierten Testumgebung: Beitrag auf der Internetseite des GIT-Labor - Portal für Anwender in Wissenschaft und Industrie (
Ochs, Jelena; Jung, Sven; Piotrowski, Tobias; Niessing, Bastian; König, Niels; Schmitt, Robert
Electronic Publication
2017Advances in automation for the production of clinical-grade mesenchymal stromal cells: The AUTOSTEM robotic platform
Ochs, Jelena; Barry, Frank; Schmitt, Robert; Murphy, J. Mary
Journal Article
2017Automated tissue dissociation for rapid extraction of viable cells
McBeth, Christine; Gutermuth, Angela; Ochs, Jelena; Sharon, Andre; Sauer-Budge, Alexis F.
Journal Article
2017The AUTOSTEM platform for closed manufacture of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells using a closed, scalable and automated robotic system
Murphy, M.; Barry, F.; Leschke, C.; Vaughan, B.; Gentili, C.; O'Dea, J.; Ogourtsov, V.; Rafiq, Q.A.; Ochs, J.; Kulik, M.; Koenig, N.
2017Parallelization in automated stem cell culture
Kulik, Michael; Ochs, Jelena; König, Niels; McBeth, Christine; Sauer-Budge, Alexis; Sharon, Andre; Schmitt, Robert
Journal Article
2016Automation in the context of stem cell production - where are we heading with Industry 4.0?
Kulik, Michael; Ochs, Jelena; König, Niels; Schmitt, Robert
Journal Article
2016Novel platform for fully automated generation and expansion of highly standardized iPS cells
Kulik, M.; Elanzew, A.; Haupt, S.; Wanek, P.; Ochs, J.; Konig, N.; Zenke, M.; Brustle, O.; Schmitt, R.
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