CAM solutions for your production line and not only for the laser in the research lab.

CAM Modules for laser materials processing

In today’s business world, it is no longer enough to develop new technologies and to convert them into industrial applications – companies will only benefit once these technologies have been successfully integrated into actual value chains. Even the best technology will only survive on the market on the strength of a practical, user-friendly implementation.

Therefore the Fraunhofer IPT is developing customized CAM modules for different laser material processing technologies. For this purpose, the in-house-developed »CAx Framework« is used, which utilizes several software modules to interlink different manufacturing processes and to integrate them into consistent, computer-supported process chains. With our work-flow-based programming strategy, users can design easy-to-operate process chains with maximum levels of flexibility.

These software modules can be seamlessly integrated into existing software systems, allowing operators to reduce their training expenses to a minimum. Since the software modules are linked to a process and technology database, their operation requires no specific skills or experience in laser technologies..

Our Services

  • Development of software solutions for the calculation of processing data and the design of complex tool path solutions in laser materials processing
  • Support for the implementation of the software in the client’s operation environment
  • Software training and workshops