Adaptive design of manufacturing processes for globally optimized results

Quite frequently, it is not enough to merely determine the results that have been achieved at the end of a component’s production run. It may be necessary to continuously monitor the manufacturing process, using sophisticated measuring technology, in order to get a feedback on demand or when needed. Such responses may involve a modification of process parameters at any time during the operation. This means that the manufacturer can react, if certain signs are indicating an output with insufficient quality levels by adjusting parameters and by taking all necessary steps that can still ensure the best possible results.

The Fraunhofer IPT is planning and developing such process planning and process control systems for a range of industrial processes including laser structuring. Since many factors influence the process and its results, we are developing an adaptive system solution that employs low-coherent measuring technologies to capture interim process results during ongoing operations. These data are instantly analyzed by a software solution that, if necessary, promptly adjusts the process parameters, reducing the proportion of substandard goods and saving time and money.

Our Services

  • Integration of software solutions into digital process chains and the analysis of your measuring data
  • Data consistency from the CAD system to the machine
  • Adaptive process planning and control systems for the best possible process results