Dr. Sascha Gierlings:

"To develop manufacturing technologies for engine components for the next generation you require three things: detailed understanding of how the component works, an extensive range of manufacturing technologies for the ideal manufacturing chain and a highly-motivated team of people who are passionate about their work."


The aero-engine

Aero-engine components and our specific expertise:

Specific insight into the aviation industry

Overall approaches

In the past few decades, aero-engine development has been characterized predominantly by evolutionary progress. However, new directives relating to exhaust and noise emissions will necessitate a radical re-think of the entire system. 


The specific manufacturing of individual components and the development of stable production-processes are one of the main fields of research for the Fraunhofer IPT.


Continuously increasing thermal and mechanical stresses especially in the high-pressure section of the engine require the use of highly resistant materials, which are difficult to manufacture.


The Fraunhofer IPT’s machine park offers a large variety of different technologies for the manufacturing of turbomachinery components.


Digitalization is currently regarded as one of the key themes within the engineering industry. Regarding production technology, several techniques and methods have already been applied.


The Fraunhofer IPT’s applied research projects are largely conducted with partners from the turbomachine industry. The ICTM remains our key institution in this respect.