Review on the 5th Annual Meeting of the ICTM Aachen

November 19−20, 2019

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Digitization in Turbomachinery Manufacturing

Award for outstanding research performance for Dr. Sascha Gierlings from Fraunhofer IPT

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Trends in the Turbomachinery business unit

The Business Unit Manager Daniel Heinen will report on the most important technological challenges

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Support structures to prevent vibrations in post-processing operations for thin-walled parts

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Higher efficiency coupled with lower emissions are the core aims behind the development of modern turbomachinery. In this context, materials with high temperature strength and thermal stability, complex geometries and components constructed as integral parts are the defining elements. All too often, groundbreaking approaches cannot be implemented until new manufacturing processes have been introduced. In the "Turbomachinery" business unit the Fraunhofer IPT develops efficient production and repair processes as well as adaptive process chains for aero-engine components and gas turbine blades.

We are part of a well-established network of research facilities throughout Germany, sharing and learning from one another about cutting edge developments in our sectors. We maintain particularly close relations with the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT and the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL of the RWTH Aachen.



We develop efficient production and repair processes as well as process chains which meet the stringent safety and marketing authorization requirements of the aviation sector on behalf of aero-engine component manufacturers.



Adaptive process chains lower costs throughout the entire turbine life cycle.  Complex new parts can be produced efficiently all along these process chains and the inevitable damage to the turbine blades resulting from their highly complex shape can be repaired.



The Fraunhofer IPT systematically develops complex, automated production process chains, which allow large volumes of radial compressors to be produced in optimum quality.


Oil and Gas

High-powered, efficient pumps and compressors are core technologies in the oil and gas industry. The Fraunhofer IPT supports manufacturers in this sector by providing expertise via time and cost saving projects, requirements and risk management approaches.