Lightweight production technologies for the oil and gas industry

Did you know ...

... that the use of riser systems made from fiber-reinforced plastics will enable oil and gas to be extracted from a water depth of up to 3000 meters in future instead of the 2000 meters possible today?

This extension into the so-called Ultra-Deep Water extraction region is possible because pipes made from fiber-reinforced plastics combine low weight with a particularly high strength that can be adjusted specifically to varying load directions as well as chemical resistance to weathering and corrosion. This enables them to open up further unconventional sources of oil and gas in the so-called upstream. At the same time their characteristics make them ideal for use as pipelines for the transport of chemically challenging fluids such as oil.

We support companies and technical service providers in the oil and gas industry in the production of components that can permanently withstand the high mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses in use.