Laser Structuring

Structured surfaces influence the technical function, haptics and appearance of components. Laser structuring opens up new possibilities: laser-structured components can reduce energy losses in tribologically highly stressed systems and increase their efficiency. In tool and mold making, there are numerous areas of application that benefit from structured surfaces: The smallest channels are used to vent injection molds and thus reduce burr formation. Different structures can be seamlessly combined.

We develop complete systems for the manufacture of design or functional structures on the basis of pulsed laser radiation with minimal material removal for toolmaking, biomedical or tribological applications. Thanks to intelligent CAM coupling and laser beam and process control, almost any surface structure can be created on almost any material, even on complex free-form surfaces.

Advantages of laser beam structuring

  • Large-surface structured component surfaces with smallest, geometrically defined and high-resolution structures
  • Unrestricted design freedom in structural design for surfaces
  • Different surface functions can be set selectively
  • Very high reproducibility

Our offer

  • Competent technology and system consulting
  • Feasibility and profitability studies
  • Individual implementation of the process for industrial application
  • Laser beam structuring of small and medium series as a service