Electrical-Discharge Machining (EDM)

Electro-discharge machining (EDM) and electrochemical machining (ECM) enable materials that are difficult to machine or with high hardness and electrically conductive to be removed with virtually no force. The Fraunhofer IPT develops and optimizes electroerosive processes on the basis of its application-oriented experience and its scientific findings on spark erosion, for example in order to process new materials, understand mechanisms or design new process chains.

Our services for the EDM process

  • Benchmarking and technology optimization
  • Production of small series on customer order
  • Implementation in existing process chains
  • Analysis and minimization of thermal damage to boundary zones

Our services for the ECM procedure

  • Simulation-supported cathode design
  • Technology development for DC-ECM and P-ECM
  • Basic investigations of the ablation behavior

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