Tool and die making

Our "Tool and die making" business unit provides companies, suppliers and customers of the tool and die making industry with comprehensive technological solutions that will help them to successfully master a wide range of challenges.

Our offer

  • Individual consultancy projects on the subjects of
    – Strategy selection and implementation
    – Technology selection, use and optimization
    – Cost reductions and reduction of throughput times
    – Industrialization
    – Process chain design
  • Research projects
    – Contract and fundamental research
    – Consortium research
  • Initiatives and working groups
  • Training and education
    – "Tool and Die Making for the Future" colloquium
    – Seminars and lectures
  • Tool-making performance indicator database
    – Benchmark projects and studies
    – Cluster benchmarks
  • "Toolmaker of the Year" competition

International conference: Tool and Die Making for the Future

The international "Tool and Die Making for the Future" colloquium offers companies of the tool and die making industry, their suppliers and clients a business-wide meeting point for an exchange of views.

"Toolmaker of the Year" competition

The "Toolmaker of the Year" award ceremony is the eagerly awaited finale to the colloquium and the "Toolmaker of the Year" competition. The award for the “Excellence in Production” competition spotlights the leading companies in the industry - those who are particularly good at dealing with the current challenges. The colloquium participants have the opportunity to personally meet the winners in each category as well as the overall winner.