Medical Technology

Trends in medical technology#

The trend in medical engineering towards smaller, lighter, more intelligent and personalized medical devices is driven by progress in manufacturing technologies. For example, prostheses and orthoses can be manufactured individually for each patient, minimally invasive surgical instruments can be manufactured in small quantities and medical products can be provided with intelligent surfaces. In order to fully take advantage of this potential for the patients’ benefit, cost-effective production processes and process chains are required that can cope with the high demands placed on the complexity and heterogeneity of products. In the medical technology sector of the future, production will therefore also use new manufacturing processes that are networked, flexible and allow data-supported process optimization.

Personalized and Individualized Medical Products

Individualized products offer various advantages for patients. In order to produce safely and successfully despite small lot sizes, manufacturers need high-performance manufacturing concepts.

Intelligent and Multifunctional Medical Products

The combination of modern sensor technology, innovative manufacturing processes and high-performance materials creates a new generation of intelligent, multifunctional medical products.

Biohybrid Medical Products

To combine biological and technical materials can significantly expand both the biocompatibility and the functional spectrum of medical devices. However, their production requires flexible, adaptive processes.

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Minimally Invasive Diagnostics and Therapy

Minimally invasive procedures are gentle on patients and also reduce the workload on hospitals. We investigate high-performance procedures for the production of suitable instruments and innovative sensor technology.

Networked, Adaptive Production for High-Performance Products

The use of process data can help medical technology manufacturers to successfully implement complex production projects with high quality demands.



Manufacturing process for individualized, minimally invasive disposables

Project duation: 2015/9/1 to 2018/9/1

Funding: EU – Horizon 2020

ML² – MultiLayer

Cost-effective manufacture of microfluidic lab-on-a-chip systems

Project duration: 2012/9/1 to 2016/8/31

Funding: EU – FP7


Cost-effective production of antimicrobial foils against nosocomial infections

Project duration: 2017/1/1 to 2019/12/31

Funding: EU – Horizon 2020


Bionically functionalized surfaces by laser structuring

Project duration: 2012/11/1 to 2015/10/31

Funding: BMBF - VIP


Extracellular vesicles in endoprosthesis coating inhibit aseptic loosening of hip implants

Project term: Jan 2019 – Dec 2022

Funding: EU – Horizon 2020


Functionalization of technical surfaces following the example of lizards and bark bugs

Project duration: 2015/7/1 to 2018/7/1

Funding: EU – Horizon 2020