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Life Sciences Engineering

In the "Life Sciences Engineering" business area, the Fraunhofer IPT researches and develops pioneering technologies for the entire range of life sciences from the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology to medical technology. As a production engineering research institute, we have many years of in-house experience in production processes, manufacturing techniques, metrological systems, process automation, technology and quality management. We have been applying this expertise effectively and profitably in the life sciences sector.

We assemble interdisciplinary teams comprising engineering, biology and medical experts, who develop customized concepts and technical solutions for the entire process of product development and support our customers through the entire process, from the very beginning of the preliminary research stage through market orientation and ultimately to certification. Our well established network provides us with access to the know-how already acquired by additional scientific facilities in Germany and in the USA: We have particularly close links with the WZL Machine Tool Laboratory of the RWTH Aachen, the Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation CMI in Boston and Boston University.

Our activities in this business area are


Production technologies for medical products

We develop manufacturing technologies and process chains for novel medical devices.


Medical and molecular diagnostics

We develop novel diagnostic solutions using imaging and lab-on-a-chip technologies.


Laboratory and biotechnology

In close cooperation with biologists and engineers, we develop novel concepts for the optimization of lab processes and put them into practice.


Technology, data and quality management

We develop quality and risk management systems for industrial companies in the medical engineering and biotechnology sector.

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Ferdinand Biermann M.Sc.

Head of the business unit "Life sciences engineering"

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