Software engineering

Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology


Here, we develop processes, methods and tools for the development of high quality embedded software for tomorrow’s mechatronic systems. Software is increasingly permeating into technical systems such as production processes, telecommunications, our transport systems or medical technology: the mechatronic system functions of the future will be software-based.

Model-based development of embedded software

Ever more complex software is needed to coordinate the rapid communication between systems and system components to control continuous physical processes. Sophisticated, model-based development methods are required to master the development of such complex systems and their embedded software.

Optimization of software development processes

The systematic and consistent use of, preferably, formal models that can be processed on the computer within the development process (from the requirements to the design and ultimately the source code) makes software development more efficient and eliminates errors at an early stage.

Our services

  • Individual implementation and modification of modeling languages
  • Modeling of structure and behavior of embedded software at various levels of abstraction
  • Integration with control technology models
  • Analysis and individual optimization of software development processes
  • Model transformations for semi-automated development of refined models and preservation of their consistency
  • Ensuring the traceability of requirements throughout various development models
  • Modification and design of model-based test and simulation techniques
  • Formal validation of properties critical to safety using verification techniques
  • Production of tool prototypes 

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