Our offer for customers in the U.S.

Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology

Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation CMI

This center was established in 1994 in Boston, USA, to intensify the transfer of technology between the European and American markets. Professor Andre Sharon has headed the center since 1998. At our Boston/USA location we offer our customers not only production technology research and development services on site, but also a sustainable technology transfer between European and American industry.

Similar to Fraunhofer IPT, Fraunhofer CMI develops holistic manufacturing and production technology solutions for domestic and international clients in the fields of biotechnology, life science and information technology. Research at Fraunhofer CMI is primarily focused at process automation for the high tech industry. Furthermore Fraunhofer CMI offers its clients a broad range of engineering services including consulting, component design, process development as well as outsourcing of R&D efforts.

The center is affiliated with Boston University (BU) and collocated with the Department of Manufacturing Engineering on the BU campus. Great attention is paid to the training of highly qualified engineers in an international environment.

We focus on

  • Fiber optics and optoelectronic components¬†
  • Biotechnology¬†
  • Mechanical micromachining
  • Development of precision machines

Our services

  • Product development and prototyping
  • Process development
  • Development and set up of automation equipment
  • Engineering consulting